Pramod Uday Here, Pramod relates a personal experience, and talks about how the Emotional Guidance Scale came to her rescue:

"I am Awareness" (A Meditation) (Audio Only)

Pramod is a spiritual being from India. This podcast is the archive of our celebrated signature series 'Manifest your Destiny', which is broadcast every day at 8 PM Eastern Time (GMT -5:00), on our inspirational talk radio station, Spirit Imprints Radio (S.I.R.). In addition to Pramod's show, our radio also airs other programmes on meditation, Law of Attraction, abundance, Indian mantras, Eastern spirituality, etc as well as a variety of other entertaining audio content including OTR & modern dramas, all genres of music, special events, etc. Anyone with a normal Internet connection can listen to our CD quality streaming broadcast. To tune in now, just copy-paste the following URL in the address bar of your browser window:

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Favorite Quotations
"As within, so without." - Hermes Trismegistus.
Favorite Mantras
Aum, "aaah" and the Gayatri

Manifest your Destiny: Pramod's Podcast
Pramod (pseudonym for Asha Elizabeth P.) is a spiritual being, teacher and speaker from India. ('Pramod' means 'joy' or 'happiness', from the Sanskrit root, 'pramoda'). Pramod has been giving lectures on Eastern applied spirituality, meditation, manifestation, relationships, abundance, etc. for a few years now and has touched many through her warm loving words of inspiration. Pramod's talks are being collected and published on CD and as instant downloads, by a small tightly knit team of people who want to make sure the teachings reach those who are asking for it through their deepest desires to improve their lives. This podcast serves as the archive of Pramod's signature radio show which is broadcast everyday, at 8 PM Eastern Time (GMT -5:00), on our radio, Spirit Imprints Radio. Also, the recordings and transcripts of Pramod's spiritual lectures are syndicated throughout the Internet by hundreds of podcast directories, e-zines, magazines and newspapers.
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