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Icon_video  About Me — May 25, 2009  


I have not come up with a good name for this podcast, so for now, we'll just call it "SolelyJ's UFO Podcast".

Because I have just started doing podcasting, errors are expected, so please bear with me for a few shows.

I've been interested in the UFO topic for as long as I can remember! When I purchased my first Video iPod, podcast was born into my life. The first shows I had ever listened to was Mysterious Universe, and from there I was hooked! Later I figured how to search for other similar topic shows and came across Paranormal Cafe, which is part of! On one of the Paranormal Cafe shows, there was a promo for (TJ) who happens to be from my town, and that is when I decided to jump on this pOdomatic bandwagon.

I want to thank everyone who has listened, and all you guys who have helped me immensly! I hope to keep recording, and maybe soon when enough people are listening, doing some interviews.

Thanks for visiting!

Questions? Comments?

Please Contact Me! 206-666-4735 [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] or skype me - (you guessed it) SolelyJ



PODOMATIC - For allowing free service (for now) ;)

AUDACITY - For providing a free editing prog.

IODA - For providing music for the show

K7 - For providing free messaging service

YOU - For taking a few minutes and listen :)

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