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Icon_video  My Pasteboard Stuff — May 23, 2009  


Icon_video  My Pasteboard Stuff — May 23, 2009  

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Music, Fashion, Passion, Expressionism, Sexuality, Nature, Theater, Sports, People, Movies, Sensuality, Dancing, Laughing, Cars, Bars, Culture, Health and so much more.

Like so many creative people my ENERGY and BANK ACCOUNT gets DRAINED! I came across this Fabulous OPPORTUNITY SOLVING BOTH These Issues ....... For REAL ....... Help Yourself and Others with a little Effort and alot of Good Intent and we could all ENHANCE our Life Styles doing what we LOVE


Icon_video  About Me — May 23, 2009  

Essentially a creative designer, with a latex clothing and accessories label, Rubber Zoo, I've always had an incredible love for music. Clubbing from the age of 14 in various underground venues hosting gay cabaret, gothic, fetish and warehouse parties, to high trendy fashionable clubs in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, London and New York along with live bands around the coast of New Zealand's beach resort havens and Auckland, has broadened my taste and love for music and intense experiences of explosive Adrenaline Activated Euphoric Rushes of Endorphin charged Electrons through me. Ballet and piano lessons enhanced my natural aptitude for rhythm and music composition at a young age.

Living in urban London since 1988, creating an alternative culture by crossing fetish with fashion since 1996, has taken me on a long journey through the darkness of reality in our modern world. Each piece of my work has a rich history relating to relationships that have had a major impact or influence upon my life. The intimacy of the process to get to the final products, has taken time, blood, sweat and tears, in not such pleasant environments at times, nor under the best of circumstances. I'm sure you understand!

Uniqueness is my essence, experience is my tool, feelings are my force; and passion fills me! Welcome to my world .......

Acknowledge truth; respect copyright, talent and freedom of expression. As all creatives my images, movies, words, podcasts, writings ........., is an extension of my understanding of the world around me and my way of saying how I feel to those who have touched my heart and soul, or not.

Visit www.myspace.com/white_opium / www.rubberzoo.com to check out more

Be a 21st century individual, spread the word if you like, credit where credit due and help to bring our world to a better state of consciousness through positive action.

What goes around comes around. May you be bless with the best!

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