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No one wants to suffer through acne. It's embarrassing and frustrating. If you have constantly battled acne for years, you've probably got all sorts of products in your cabinet designed to prevent and treat acne. You've probably read dozens of articles of advanced tips and tricks for keeping your skin clean and clear. But if what you want is skin that's free of acne, complex routines and a bunch of chemicals aren't necessary. You just need the basics. Here are a few of the basics you need to return to if you want to keep your face clean and clear.

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The primary ingredients found in Michael Todd True Organics products make it the best skin care regimen in the market. Their products are made with natural ingredients. And they're made here in the United States of America. Water is not incorporated in the product. With that in mind, you'll never hear them claiming that their product is organic because water is added to it which is naturally an organic matter Therefore, this scheme is already history. Moreover, parebens, phthalates, sulfates or triclosan are excluded as well. Add to that list no mineral oil, artificial color or synthetic fragrance. Also, definitely no animal testing was conducted. The well known man behind Michael Todd True Organics' success is Lewis Hendler; he's the organizer and chairman of the company. Michael Todd True Organics is taking skin care to a completely new level. No person would brag with regards to a certain product that he never tried himself. This is the explanation why the products weren't utilized on animals. The products' founder himself, Lewis Hendler, tried them. Those skin care regimens which were not proven effective were not marketed.

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