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Nyana (=latin for musical power , =african for the mood a sunrise or sunset creates).
The name says it all , nyana or nyanamusic is the musical project created by Belgian artist/DJ/Producer Nyana.

It´s about sharing his love for the more deeper side of electronic music , it´s not about the straight 4/4 beat , it´s about the ambient that create every track or song , the filosophy a producer puts in his sound to obtain a certain mood ,the soul a certain label or artist puts in his releases, its about trying to tell a story by mixing those elements into one.

Nyanamusic is not a commercial artist , he is not a big room DJ and u wont hear many technical effects skills in his mixing.
Yet he tries to create different moods with his mixing ,he lets the tracks speak for them themselves taking his listeners on a trip trough landscapes of sounds , making them feel happy while the music is playing.

The same filosophy he tries to include in his own productions , creating a deeper mood , a painting if u like , starting with sketching something that later will be become colourful and attractive , that will be enjoyable wether played on his own or mixed up in that story.

Nyanamusic will offer an amazing party experience on the best locations with mind blowing setups and the one thing that makes it original: music , music , music.

If u expect anything commercial then nyanamusic will dissapoint you , the main reason of this promoter/DJ/Producer is to create a deep , funky & techy atmosphere blended with the same style of music.
The show will be broadcasted on www.radiogomera.com every saturday from 12h - 14h (london time) and will be available for download or stream on nyana.podomatic.com from sunday.

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So stay tuned , give it a listen and enjoy
Peace and spread the music!!!

U can find me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/nyana
or soundcloud http://www.soundcloud.com/nyanamusic
or http://www.nyanamusic.info

Ostend - Belgium


Nyana's Deep Island Fever Podcast
Podcast covering all the latest tracks in lounge , deephouse , techhouse , indie dance , techno etc....If it has a deep , funky , techy vibe i will play it!!Check out the event page for upcoming parties........
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