Lindley Dewane Dixon (Dr. D) I doing music

Usher - U Got It Bad _Dean E-G Remix - Clean_.mp3

InterMeter Record Poo, LTD (Managemet, Marketing and Promotions) - Presence: Man1Music & Man1Music House Productions, Presence: DJ D (aka: Dr. D)

South Jersey Shore - Cape May County

DJ Lindley Dewane Dixon's Mp3 & Mp4 Mix Podcast
Lindley Dewane Dixon, MBM, BSB/EB, IS-ADDM: E-Mail: [email protected] RE: Food & Beverage Manager, Club DJ and Entertainment Director and Manager Experience: DJ ReMixer: (ERUCU, TWO PIGS and A HOG and LOVE IS THE MESSAGE ...) 1992 to Present: Man1Music Entertainment & InterMetro Record Pool, LLC – Spot Checking, Consultant to Restaurants; Dance Clubs, the Recording Industry and Management / Placement Agency for Recording Artists; Clubs & Mobile DJs & Sound Technician & Reinforcement Companies in NJ, NY, and PA. Job Description: InterMetro’s President, DJ Organized and DJ and Artist Workshops… DJ: The Blue Zoo – Lounge; 84th Street and 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge, New York, NY… DJ: P/T’s – 84th Street and 3rd Ave, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY… DJ: Atomic Club & Restaurant – 84th Street and 3rd Ave., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY… DJ: Jimmy’s – 96th Street and 4th Ave., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY… DJ: Park Villa / On Stage – High Street, Staten Island, NY… DJ: Marrakech Hampton –South Hampton Beach, Long Island, NY… DJ: Over Streets – 86th Street and 5th Ave., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY… DJ: On Stage Freeport, Long Island, NY… President & Pool Director: 12-76 to 11-95! InterMetro Record Pool, Ltd. – Record Companies Artist Marketing & Promotion Company Club & Mobile DJ, and Artist Management. Consultant to: Dance Club Owners, Entertainment Directors and the Recording Industry – DJ Pool (75 DJs from New York to Florida and Puerto Rico), 225 Lafayette Ave., New York, NY Job Description: President: DJ Pool Manager, Marketing Manager Organized and Taught DJ and Artist Workshops…… DJ: Bear Foot Boy – 39th Street and 2nd Ave., New York, NY… DJ & Manager 1974 to 06/77: Galaxy 21 – 23rd Street and 8th Ave., New York, NY… DJ: Ronnie’s Casual –125th Street, Harlem, NY…
On Fire 2:35:37 06/19/15
DJ Dewane - Cocktail Feb 22, 2015 Mix 2 6:50:45 03/07/15
DJ Dewane - Feb 19, 2015 Mix 6 3:39:43 03/07/15
DJ Dewane Mixing Cocktail Music 5:01:41 02/25/15
DJ Dewane - Mix 4A Feb 19 2015 2:47:55 02/20/15

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