loose and lazy podcast is getting ready for another episode!


Why us? Because in the ever growing sea of podcasts, we reign as the best of the average. From A-Sexual celebrities to crapping the seat of your new car. There is nothing sacred when we hit the mics to spew audible napalm.
Enjoy :)

Political Views
Right, Left, it's all radical!
Religious Views
Theist, Atheist, you'll find out eventually won't you?

Drinking Beer, Smoking Herbs, Playing Pin-the-Dollar-on-the-Stripper.
Favorite Books
Maxim, Playboy, etc. Yup, just like the one YOU are hiding from your (_______).
Schools / Education
Television, Mistakes, Parties, is where we learn.
Favorite Movies
Anything from the 80's that had guns, action heroes, and babes!
Favorite Music
Most music is welcome here.
Favorite Quotations
"Daniel Larusso's gonna fight!"
Places I've Traveled
Central America, Mexico, and your local rest stop.
Favorite TV Shows
Weeds, Californication, Ghost Hunters, TUF, Breaking Bad.
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Loose and Lazy Podcast
What happens when you mix a "Marijuana Enthusiast" (with a semi automatic for a mouth) and a Contrarian with lightning fast comebacks? You get the Loose and Lazy Podcast. Have a listen and be hooked.
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