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Liz Millar


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Thanks for checking out my podcast, hope you enjoy your stay.
If you've not met me before, I live in Melbourne, and I've been playing around on turntables most of my life but officially became a "Dj" when I was seventeen, which is now over twenty years ago (egad). I love music and metaphysics (an understatement) and started off on the radio playing under-represented indie/alternative sounds to an overnight audience of similarly crazed vinyl junkies while I was still in my last year of high school. A couple of years later I migrated to the UK in '88 at the beginning of the acid house phenomenon. Later, in 1990 I returned to Melbourne to do a 2 year course in hatha yoga teacher training and since then, those two great loves of mine have been consuming passions throughout my diverse and interesting career.

As for music, when I got to London and saw how acid house was revolutionizing the scene I went from listening to The Smiths, Siousxie & the Banshees, Clan of Xymox & the Cocteau Twins (who I loved, but the indie scene was all a bit stale by '88-'89) to listening to A Guy Called Gerald, Kariya and D-Mob almost overnight. I felt like I was "home" and it was just what I needed. House was great not only because the music was so fresh and intoxicatingly different, but because everyone was "equal" again, on and off the dancefloor. There was a genuine feeling of love, peace, unity and respect among the clubbers; it was completely underground at the time which appealed to me enormously and it was so cool to see everyone being drawn together by a shared love of music that was uplifting and soulful in a way that I'd never experienced before.

Now, so many years later I can see why I so drawn to that. It was a way of being that I knew I was much more comfortable with. It was the first time I really got to experience "unity consciousness" on the dancefloor and I loved it.

Got back to Melbourne in 1990, got back on the radio and began getting invitations to play warehouse raves, but by 1994 I was firmly entrenched in the nightclub scene and house music events. Kiss-Fm was my new radio home after 10 years at 3RRR - Fm, and I devoted another 8 years to them til 2002. These days, after a few years' break I am back on Kiss every Thursday with Peter "mona" McNamara, and we do a show called Morning Tea between 11am - 1pm. It's a lot of fun and we get to show off our new records which we're always so in love with with a great local and international audience. You can hear archives of recent shows right here on this page.

These days I have a few residencies around town, teach yoga & relaxation, I am a trained Pleiadian Lightwork healer, and present a talk-radio show called Otherware and generally spend far too much time on the computer. You can hear archives of the Otherware programs right here too, and I do urge you to have a listen.

I present these programs as a free, service-to-others endeavour and receive no payment for producing them. So if anything that I have presented here has been valuable to you, I'm not asking for donations, just your feedback. It means the world to me, and by the number of visitors I have here, it seems that there are lots of you who are enjoying what I do. Please don't be shy now - go on, make a girl happy and leave me a comment.

Thanks and many blessings, Liz

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