James "Dj Acid" Is appreciative for everyone who has taken the time to listen to Hot Like Fire – Dance Heat! Stay tuned for the next mix coming soon!!


Known in the industry as DJ Acid. I've been Dj'ing since the age of 12 with my cousin; Chicago Legend, Paul Johnson. My senior year in High School, I deejay'd on a local radio station, WKKC and had the pleasure of meeting "Bobby Q Bobby & the late Pink House".

Over the years I've had guest spots playing at venues thoughtout Chicago, as well as, the opportunity of playing with many well known Dj's, such as Dj Reg, Andre Hatchett, Wayne Williams, Gene Hunt, Mike Dunn, and others.

I bring to you my many mixes, which are termed "HOT LIKE FIRE". As you listen, you can hear my passion and love of Dj'ing with each blend.

Peace, Love & Disco

Dj Acid


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