John Osorio

Yerba Buena

John Osorio's musical interest began at early age through formal music training and theory. His instinctual attraction to the craft over the years has lent itself to the appreciation of many cultural musical influences ranging from Salsa and Merenge to Rock, Funk, Soul and 80s electronica. It goes without saying, his taste in music is clearly diverse, but it wasn't until the mid 1990's did he realize his future lay in performing, promoting, and producing house music. Experiencing the dance music of that decade literally shaped him into the aspiring artistic individual he is today.

Manifesting visions can sometimes be a tough proposition, but through determination and patience, John has managed to produce memorable DJ performances and at the same time, build an incredible fan base that literally spans the globe. His unique style of music production builds both texture alongside intelligent elements producing gradual movement and energy on the dance floor. Currently residing in the United States, he is consistently formulating new ideas which keep him at the forefront of innovation within this competitive industry. The Mixchemistry podcast series is yet another method John hopes to utilize in the global presentation of his art...

United States
New York City

Mixchemistry: House Music Podcast
The Mixchemisty podcast contains a variety of mixed House music genres from Funky and Progressive to Electro and Ambient via both analog and digital platforms... Please note... If the show has exceeded its bandwidth limit for the month, you can always download or stream previous episodes and follow John Osorio on Soundcloud:
Yerba Buena 1:00:50 08/29/12
Liquid Groove 1:01:40 11/24/11
Funky Beat Astronaut 1:01:56 03/22/11
Classic Summer Sounds 1:16:30 01/20/07

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