Jesse Hall

Guitar Hero Vs. the Coked up 80's DJ

I'm just your average guy, no "rock stars" here, all though there was a time. I always had a deep love for music, even from child hood, secretly dancing in my bedroom to Madonna. Wearing nothing but my Superman under-roos and trying to master the robot or the scarecrow! Many styles of music came and went since then. Of course I went through my heavy metal phase too! No teenage boy should mature without getting all his angry "head banging" out of his system right! Then there was the "rap" years, which eventually became negative sounding (to me) because of the "gangster rap" explosion!
Then... thank my lucky stars! I fell in love with House music the summer of 1992. I was introduced to it by my new English friend Chris Lester, who had just moved to my neighborhood from Brain Tree, England. Back then I didn't know how lucky I was to hear his collection of underground mix tapes! We were listening to tracks that didn't hit "the states" for 3 to 4 years to follow! Those were the days when, if you were driving down the street, and heard House music coming from someones car you flagged them down, cause you knew you had something in common with them. Which is what led me to discover the underground, on many different levels. My stories can go on and on, but for now I just want to say thank you Chris! For introducing me to your friend "Jack"!

Dec 25
Longview,Kelso, WA
San Marcos/Escondido/San Diego, CA
Political Views
War is not the answer.
Religious Views
The repetition of a Christian is a saved sufferer.Thanks JC

In the news:
Being Dad.
Favorite Music
Oldies (98.9% of MOTOWN), Funk (AWB to Parliment) Rock like... (Steve Miller, Beatles, CCR, Hendrix)
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG WRITERS AND VOICES ARE... Jackson Browne, Bright~Eyes, David Grey, Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins-or-Rilo Kiley, Michale Jackson, Deee~Lite/Lady Kier, Madonna, Adel, Bjork, Jewel, EarthWind&Fire, The Temptations, The Supremes, Alanis Morrisette, the CARS, The Doors, Phil Collins, Goldfrapp, Morcheeba, Blue States, Zero 7, Stereolab, POSTAL SERVICE, Stereo MC's, Cloud Cult, Snow Patrol, Her Space Holiday, Whitney Houston, Warren G, Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5, De La Soul, Digable Planets, OHHHHHHHHH So MANY! ... all the artist who are making music for the right reasons, to express and truley share thier talents. Im NOT down with... industry molded puppets who are talentless and cant write a good song (even for todays standards) that will stand out from the others and say HEY!!! ...Being a womanizer doesnt make you a MAN, nor does gold teeth, lots of money, or 24" wheels! It would be hilarious I think if just one of todays "SISSY PUNK BANDS" would go out on a limb and say " Dude!!! Wearing ALL black except for your NON-FUNCTIONAL (really long) wallet chain, doesnt make you tough! Or... do you REALLY LOVE Monster and Rockstar energy drinks SO much, that you spend money on clothes with those logos?!! REALLY!!? Your that passionate about Monster? I like to ask guys all the time in the neighborhood, "hey Man... why the drink shoes/hat/jacket/beanie?" Its funny (but not really) that they dont really know? Sheep thats why!
Same goes for all the kids who ever wore a shirt with the "Iron Cross" on it, and never loved a pair of Indipendent trucks. That was a funny fad right there, cause alot of people didnt realize they were walking billboards for racisim and hatered that was started by White Power Freaks and Nazis. Which brings me to one of the newer "tough guy" fashions. LOL! Funny to think... that these tough guys today are so uncomfortable in they're own skin. They MUST get to the nearest mall! So they can buy a Metal Mulissia hat or belt that completes them. Or both in a set cause it was "on sale Honey" for the low price of $69.99!
I know Im starting to sound real bitter, but C'mon people! Put the propaganda down! Be brave and really LOL!... At yourself firstly, then at all your buddies. And dare them to do the same! I dare YOU!! Let your gaurd down and have some character. And always... Let your freak flag fly!!

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