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Electric Thunder Radio brings a multitude of music variety that should complement anyone’s taste of modern music. Even if you are a kid of the 80s inside, we have it here. We regularly present Billboard Hot 100 and Official UK Top 40 charts from the 80s. We will be taking you into other decades as well. We also bring you the best in current dance music mixes, as well as the current Hot 100 charts and UK Charts in one show.

Download each episode for your Phone or MP3 player. We size each file for the smallest possible file size without compensating on quality. DJColzz your host has over 25 years’ experience in hot gigs and radio. This man is passionate about music and bringing a smile to your day.

Download from the page directly or from iTunes, on your Macbook, iPhone, or iPad just search “DJColzz”. You can also find Artist Charts, where each chart has interviews and news and popular songs from a specific artist, George Michael, The Doors, Shakin’ Stevens, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, are some of the artist featured and more to come.


Remember too, this is a very expensive business, so please if you enjoy the shows and want to keep the music coming consider using the Paypal donate button to donate $3 to help with the 100s of pounds per year it costs me personally to bring these to you. One donation of $3 from each person per year can go a long way to improve and bring you more of the music you love. You can pay one-off through PAYPAL with a debit or credit card or through your account on PAYPAL if you have one. Many thanks for considering.

This is where music is the only thing that matters, right here on Electric Thunder Radio.


Also your download is perfectly legal. DJColzz is bringing enjoyment to the world. Music Is Our World.


All our shows are available for download from various podcast sites and more so on pod0matic. You can find the RSS feed link below. The iTunes link is also below. You can use this for all Apple products. Each of our shows are carefully compressed so you got 2 hours of great music in the smallest file size possible, without losing the quality. I know, I am a fucking genius!!!


You can have the best time alone with your music listening to the various shows available. These shows come with their own artwork to look great on your phone or iPods. The quality isn’t compromised. Each show is great to listen to with intermittent comedy moments from your DJ (well, let’s call it comedy moments - it keeps him happy). This is the ultimate podcast. This is DJColzz. This is music to be proud of and enjoy.


DJColzz iTunes

All music contained herein remains copyright of original production company. Billboard and The Official Charts Company own all copyright in print of the chart shows we present. Their rights are asserted and not compromised in bringing you the best in entertainment.


Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 August 20 2016 2:30:01 08/15/16
*Classic* - Billboard Hot 100 February 20 1982 2:00:00 08/13/16
UK Top 40 August 11th 2016 2:35:01 08/08/16
Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 August 02 2012 2:30:00 07/31/16
Through The Music... Pink Floyd Part Two 1:30:00 07/21/16

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