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Chapter 69 Be Excellent To Each Other

Dj Young Dave began his musical career in Alice, Texas at the age of 13. He was taught to master the turntables by his older brother Dj Rick. At 16 years old, he performed his first rave at Club NRG in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has much respect for his fellow Djs, who he is also thankful to call his friends. They include Dj NRJenz, Dj Rene “The Weekend Warrior”, Dj Phillip, Dj X, Dj Joe Friar, Dj Doug and of course his brother Dj Rick.
When you listen to his mixes, it is as if you are listening to a story. There is a beginning, middle, and an end. A journey to Another Level of Dance.
His influences include Deadmaus, Hybrid, Way out West, Starecase, BT, and Paul Van Dyk. Just to name a few…
Dj Young Dave also produces his own dance music. He has three albums under his belt. His first album is called Treasured Moments, his second, Between Here and There, and his most recent, The Robot Within Us.
He can be seen around local clubs or events spinning great dance music. He never misses a chance to collaborate with other djs or artists on music projects.

Dj Young Dave-Changing Lives-One Record at a Time


Favorite Quotations
Remember Indians Roam Wild in the Wilderness (me)

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