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Jason Beaman (born 08 december 1994), from Birmingham,United Kingdom better known as djxb42crewboy is a British Musician/DJ/Radio Presenter/Promoter. djxb42crewboy saw his friend Tempo makeing music back in 2008 and he was like "Cool!!", and he wanted to get in to it, so on the 31/05/2008 djxb42crewboy made his frist music page on myspace and from that day on he's always been known as djxb42crewboy and been in the promotion business since 2008. He's promoted some of the best unsigned artist's out there, in may 2010 he started to broadcast on online radio stations that halped him to get online radio plays . In 2011 djxb42crewboy hit number 1 in rap charts in Birmingham on reverbnation and since that day he's allways been in the top 10 on there.in 2013 djxb42crewboy formed the music team xbmajor, and also he has become a live gamer on ustream. He cant wait to see what 2014 is going to be like for him



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