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Nowadays anyone with a computer can be a DJ. But not everyone can be an Emulator Artist. DJ Lena embraces technology in a way that is both entertaining and accessible. She uses a 42" Emulator DVS system that allows the crowd to see what she is doing and more importantly gives her another way to communicate with the audience. This brings the performance to a whole new level.

DJ Lena is a native Detroiter who continues the musical legacy of her father, who made a career in music education and as a tenor soloist. She spent her early years studying a Performing Arts Curriculum, playing in live bands and singing in choirs, playing all of the woodwind and brass instruments. With this solid background and her own musical skills, DJ Lena translates her love of soulful harmonies and fierce beats to the club scene. She loves nothing more than inspiring a room of people to dance!

Detroit, Mi
Detroit, Mi
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