Ms. Lefki


It's 1989 and music is making it's first baby steps to a wider audience in the club scene of the city. In the following years, a number of house dance clubs open their doors and deliver the New York and London "feeling" to Athens clubbing scene.

This era reaches Ms.Lefki, completing her quest for a music identity. Dj'ing starts to take over her life and she begins to play everywhere, from clubs, to street & beach summer parties all over the country. She spinns deep latin, raw gospel, jazzy flourishes and disco flavour,establishing herself as a dance music DJ. By 1992, Ms. Lefki is performing in clubs, with about 2000-2500 people dancing to her beats. 1997 is a turning point in her carrier by obtaining the residency "Plus Soda Club" in Athens. This affects Lefki's sound, evolving her set to more soulful, lively dance vibes, making her one of the most requested DJ's in Greece.

The last years find Ms. Lefki has been performing as a resident DJ in a club called "Cavo Paradiso" on Mykonos Island, one of the most famous dance clubs worldwide. Her audience enjoys her music, beside DJ's, such as Alan Russell (Black Vinyl Rec),...... Her next step was the production of the mosaic of sounds that has been created in her mind throughout her career of professional Djing.
Peace,Love & Respect!


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