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DJ Michael Hsu-- a name progressively being voiced among parties and clubs-- is a reputable DJ who has gained almost about 20 years of experience in the field of music. Combining 6 and half years of ‘Funky’ and 5 years of ‘Going’ experiences (both gay bars in Taipei), and with a self-style and sense of selecting music, DJ Michael with his music has been showing his great talent as well as gaining his reputation in Asia for over the past years.

Since 2004, DJ Michael has been invited by and performing in a number of party venues and clubs from all over the Asia: Les Visages (Hong Kong), ageHa (Tokyo), Advocates (Tokyo), Government (Manila), Madam Zung (Shanghai), Club Fusion (Shanghai), RUINS (Tokyo), ReBall(Seoul), Destination (Beijing)..., etc. In his performances, he adequately showed the diversity of the dance music in different styles and features. Owing to his endeavor and talent, G.O.D. Groups from Shanghai favored and honored him with the cast as a regular performer; in the same year, he was also respectfully invited to be the first-DJ in G.Y.M. Party by ageHa, the worldwide well-known Nation V. Party hosted by Fridae. His first mixed work, "The Ambience of Azure" released in the end of Year 2005, has become a hot and popular collection among Asian electronic music lovers.

From 2006, DJ Michael has been invited to perform as a resident artist in M- Club and Funky. Besides on invitations to the parties and events from other countries, in June 2007 he brought his music as much food for thoughts for the visitors from all over the Asia to ‘Taiwan Pride Festival’ in the closing party at the ‘Red House’ in Taipei. Meanwhile, he also started to join Club Jump. Along with Follow Me and Wonderland, he now regularly brings his music in G-Meet, the oncoming popular party in Taipei.

In March 2008, he again received a great number of favorable feedbacks from the club-goers after performing for the ‘While Ball’ party at ageHa Taipei. It moreover deserves to be mentioned that this April has been the forth year since 2005 he has been invited to perform as a special guest DJ at Government in Manila for its re-opening.

More information: http://www.myspace.com/djmichaelhsu


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