James Graham


James “DJ Dub” Graham has touched the lives of party people, dancers, DJ’s past, present and music lovers in DC’s historically rich nightlife culture. James has been a trailblazer in DC’s dance music scene for the past 30 plus years. Originally born in New York City, his family moved to Philadelphia, and then eventually settled in Washington, DC. His mother Kristin (R.I.P.) every Sunday would play a blend of Disco, Jazz, Latin, Rock and Soul music throughout the home. This was the sound that would eventually shape the style of what James would play as a DJ. His voracious appetite for music started at around 10 years of age when he started buying albums and 45’s, and by the late 70’s was buying 12” singles. After graduating from N.Y.U. he decided to return to Washington, DC and quickly became one of the biggest influences in developing the house music scene during the 1980’s. Inspiration came from The Paradise Garage (NYC), The Zanzibar (NJ), and The Clubhouse (DC) and the DJ’s who played there were his greatest influences. James’s major contributions to DC’s house music scene include founding Washington’s first warehouse party, his ground breaking radio mix show (House Music After-Hours) on WPGC-FM, and being an assistant director of the O.M.A.P. record pool. On a national level James was a contributing music reviewer for DMA magazine and was asked to participate as a panelist on many forums at The Winter Music Conference. James has held residencies at Safari, Metropolis, Tracks DC, The Ritz, Bohemian Caverns, Badlands, Aki, Modern, Sanctuary, and currently Mie N Yu (9 years and counting). He also has had guest appearances at Numbers (DC), Crystal City Underground (VA), The Clubhouse (DC), The Pier /Eastside (DC), Mars/La Muse (NYC), Chapter III (DC), Kilimanjaro (DC), Fifth Column (DC), The Vault (DC), Andalu (DC), Club Red (DC), Cloud Nine (Rehoboth Beach), Boom Boom Room (Chicago), Nation (DC) and Good Love (Baltimore). James is known for his seamless mixing and creative programming which maintains the energy throughout the night. Surprisingly to most people in the club scene, James does not drink, smoke or do any drugs. He is fueled completely and totally by the music! James has also donated his time and talent to raise funds for many good causes such as the Boarder Babies Project, Life Beat and The Whitman Walker Clinic. After working 10 plus years as a buyer at 12” Dance Records, James and 2 business partners Niv Farahandouz (R.I.P.) and Chris Stiles bought the store and renovated it and reopened it as DJ Hut. The store experienced a renaissance period where it became once again DC’s premier record, CD and DJ equipment store. James and house music have brought people of all races, sexual orientations and walks of live together through the love of music. James is particularly proud of the house music community in Washington, and he works to keep the house music beat pulsing. James has developed a scene; helped create a community and works daily to keep house music moving forward.

Washington, DC
Queens, NYC / Washington, DC

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