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DJ BLEND Essentials blvd is online but the ancestral vibe is digging me..Let's go mix!!!!


Music enthusiast. D.J. with the love of music. I learned how to D.J. when I was 14 years old, but never had the equipment or funds to achieve what I wanted to do, when I had a chance I went to a Music or Record store, I would ride my bicycle 1 hour, just to play on turntables and listen to music. My friend Hen Boogie, introduced me to hip-hop and underground music, I would grab tape decks and mix beats, record some vocals and voice-overs to entertain my non geared mixes with comedy skits, my own commercials. Very creative, and funny, from what I have been told, many years past. So every paycheck I put $10.00 into buying CD's and listening to different DJ sets, mixes, remixes, listening to various styles and genres of talented artists, from electronic, trance, R&B, Neo-Soul, Modern, classical, and urban Jazz, and Techno, from local to top notch DJ's in various clubs and venues worldwide

Music is attached to a memory, and hopefully you will enjoy create one on your own from the sounds I release to your soul.

Northern California
San Jose, CA

Why I do what I do!
Entertainer, music enthusiast, founder of another addition to the music genre, and fusing them, remixing them, adding quality to existing music, trends, and qualities of house, dance, jazz, acid jazz, urban r&b, and making it a taste of my own sound for everyone to enjoy. I am thankful that music runs through my veins, literally, being a descendant of a music legendary family, unlike pre-recorded DJ's. I spin LIVE, there is no pre recorded anything.
Places I've Traveled
Egypt, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Sicily, Italy, France, Spain, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Jamaica, St.Thomas, St.Croix, Central America, South America, Mexico, Chicago, New York, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Japan, South Korea, India, Fiji, Hawaii, The Phillipines, North Africa, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusets, Idaho, Illinois, Oklahoma, Washington(The State), Oregon, Canada, Wisconsin. Plenty more!! Believe it or not, I have touched almost every continent, all of the United States, all of it! Just major cities on my ventures of lifes challenges and excitements. I will divulge more if you ask!
Favorite Music
Available for hire from all types of music, fully equipped DJ for Clubs, Bars, Events, private parties, business events, get togethers, you name it. I have spun at Clubs as big as the Palladium, Club 1up, and small local events, including halls throughout the bay area, just got back into the game due to demand, and a love for music.

Tasty and Soulful House Music with DJBlendz
Soulful house music for the soul, the interior of you. The entire spectrum of House music is played in this podcast for your pleasure.
Vocal Therapy 1:31:33 05/01/16
DJBlendz Essentials Blvd. 1:34:43 04/28/16
TheEnzyme 1:31:40 04/24/16
Soulful Voyage 2:19:15 04/21/16
DJ Blend - Magnetize 1:36:13 03/16/16



DJ BLEND added new photos:

3 days ago

DJ BLEND Essentials blvd is online but the ancestral vibe is digging me..Let's go mix!!!!

5 days ago

DJ BLEND is not playing with the soulful sound...Uploading essentials blvd...a soulful adventure..

DJ BLEND is not playing withthe soulful sound...Uploading essentials blvd...a soulful adventure....

9 days ago

DJ BLEND TheEnzyme full party and muti layered mix is up and ready to go! It is a fun one!

DJ BLEND TheEnzyme full party and muti layered mix is up and ready to go! It is a fun one

11 days ago

DJ BLEND is happy everyone enjoys soulful voyage, it was fun to make and put out...

12 days ago

DJ BLEND is taking an emotional soulful journey. Recorded this feat my best and top mix..I felt too much...Enjoy!

20 days ago

DJ BLEND is Uploading MontFunk a delicious multimixed live Soulful and Dance Deep House for the soul of you!

29 days ago

DJ BLEND Posted an inspired soulful house set, totally blended and remixed, deep EDM dance! Enjoy!

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