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Dennis Humphrey is the founder and CEO of the Radio Nostalgia Network, a pioneer in Old Time Radio podcasting and the host for 50 of the finest shows dedicated to that Golden Age. Dennis lives and operates out of Dallas Texas but his favorite programs are NOT westerns.

Bob Camardella is better known here at Podomatic as host for The Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod. He joined Podomatic in October of 2005 and the Radio Nostalgia Network in January of 2006. Prior to the arrival of Podcasting, Bob hosted WPNM Internet Radio, broadcasting from his hometown of historic Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Dennis and Bob have joined forces to present the Classic Radio & Movies Network and starting November 2006, they will be casting from their combined collections of early radio, movies, cartoons, early TV and serials.

Dallas, TX


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