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Kasino's Corner

Kasino's Corner
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Kasino's Corner! This podcast covers everything from pop culture, relationships, and everything else from the perspective of a guy who is not ashamed to say what he feels!!! Is he ignorant? he inappropriate...yes!! Does he Signify? Yes. Does he give a F!$% ?? Nope not really. this podcast is not for people that prefer the politically correct point of view...You have been Warned!
talking ish with Big D 1:33:00 06/26/15
Overlooked Black History 1:39:44 02/24/15
The Lost Moody and Kasino Episode 1:18:30 12/31/14
Chopping it up with Cincy D 1:00:51 12/21/14
Social Media Beef and more Porn talk 1:38:58 09/01/14

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