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Here I go about typing something about myself...
There might be four, maybe five people in this World with which I would feel more secure with trying to be better understood (and help them to do so). So I don't typically derive statements with which to hopefully be "better understood", and I don't think we as humans are worth a shit at self-observation, so anything I or anyone else says about themselves, I think, at some level in the human psyche is kinda held in suspect. I know I'm highly turned off by the Third-Person tense in English... I think it makes the situation worse by "acting" like we're someone else, then the layers of potential problems associated with self-impressions follow and are compounded. Actions to a great deal, and little slips-of-the tongue have a way of telling our story and showing our true inentions and motives, even when - to us, self-consciously we don't realize we are doing something other than what we say, about ourselves or where our 'true' interests are regarding anything. What am I doing here? I'm presenting music. Music must be important to me... It's true. This shit is not exactly user friendly to get right, so music must be very important to me. Reasonable assumption? I'd say yes... Are statements about music subjective? I'd say yes and no... Just because YOU like it does not make it that way, i.e. good. On the same 'note', let's say, that there is an unimaginable amount of music in this world that is very good, but we have no reason, nor do we care to ever listen to it... Tchaikovsky's "Marche Slav" for example... I'd say overall that the Universe has put the "GOOD" stamp on it, but even so, I don't think it would make me hang around the club and have one more drink if the DJ were to drop it, at a time when I was beginning to feel "this sucks, I'm bored.... I think I'll go home..." Just because you don't dig it, doesn't mean it's not 'good'. Just because you like it and it IS good, doesn't mean it's "good" in a context, i.e. Your song request, while heart-felt, is just stupid. You need to go sit down, or get a cab home, you ignorant, drunk motherfucker..." That kind of shit. Experience and insight definitely give you clues. Hey DJ, you're limited to your music collection... Duh... and occasionally you will have a bit of dumb luck that will inflate your ego unnecessarily, but at the same time will give you more (varied) experience and (new) insight. Listening to others (on several different levels) works well too for those things... What works? Well, I know it's not a good idea to put an inflated price or product description on ICE when you're trying to market it at the Poles... If you can't find the target audience for the stuff you like to play, then the problem is not with the music... We're not playing to ourselves, DUMMY! Requests being problematic, where does that leave us?

Jan 03
Little Rock, AR
Russ-Vegas (Russellville), AR
Political Views
Just Right of Center-ist

Bobby Rainmaker - "Yearlong December"
This mix evolves from Melodic and somewhat minimal Techno to Heavy Metal(figuratively). It will take all your troubles away, it's like a damn 'Slap Chop'!
"Yearlong December" - Mixed By Bobby Rainmaker 1:04:27 01/15/10

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