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"Hi Folks I'm Bobby Pizazz and I am a Singer/Songwriter Performing Artist, Host and Producer of GIVE ME A BREAK Radio Show, and I'm very honored to share the stage with some of the Greatest Artist, Singer/Songwriters and Industry leaders on the Planet and with some of the best Up-Coming Artists and Songwriters in the world" We feature Artists / Songwriters who share their in and outs of the Business of Music and the Art of Songwriting. We Discuss New Music Business Models in use today. A place were Artists and Songwriters can safely have an opportunity to share their Music, Insights and Life Stories, Current events and topics which will be discussed, openly, bluntly and truthfully!!!

Nashville Tennessee

Bobby Pizazz Nashville singer/songwriter offers a variety of original tunage, with writing influences as varied as Hank Williams, Jim Croce and Earth Wind & Fire.
Says Bobby, “I have song in my soul, I have a story that must be told. As I write these songs I tell of life, and if you listen close, you will see, that this is not just my song, but ours in joy and strife. I’m a Music Story Teller a Song Man.” Bobby Pizazz, a life-long entertainer, made appearances on the nostalgic TNN (Nashville Network) performing his self-penned favorite “Lost, Lonely, Feelin’ Blue”. To his credit he has worked behind the scenes, back stage and in the studio with a wide variety of major recording artists and independents. The second of five children, Bobby Joe was born on December 3, in Flint, Michigan and earned his nickname after ad-libbing a song as a cheesy wedding gift, after his wallet was stolen and he had no other offering for the newlyweds. Interested in music since he was old enough to sneak his sibling’s transistor radios out to the garage to listen to what he wanted, Pizzaz mowed lawns at a Propane gas bottling plant in Flint, at age 9, just to earn enough money to buy his first guitar. Singing since age 6, he continued to perform locally, until he signed up before being drafted to serve in the Army, during Vietnam era 1970. After the service Bobby returned home, he traveled the country during his minstrel man phase, performing gospel in Shreveport LA, and Top-40 in South Dakota , Bluesy Pop in San Francisco and locally know as the “Clarkston Strolling Minstrel” in Michigan. In 1984, Pizazz and family moved to Nashville, and before the bags were unpacked, he had landed a role as an extra in the Patsy Cline biopic Sweet Dreams (where he spent most of his off-camera time staring at Jessica Lange). Bobby has also appeared as an extra in several music videos, ABC”s football commercial with Hank Williams Jr., and recently was an extra in “The Identical” movie scheduled to be released at the end of 2013, and has appeared as an extra in the TV Series “Nashville” 4 times in the first season. Bobby cut his first record with drummer Johnnie Sturdvant & John Rich in late 1985 “Lost Lonely Feelin’ Blue.” In 1988, Bobby joined Hoffman & Lamb as a writer and cut many songs in 1987-1988. He also worked on the production of several Voice of America”, special projects. Bobby was involved as the promoter, but not credited on the production of The Voice of America Album with Bobby Ross. Don Hoffman Executive Producer, Bobby Ross Producer and Lead Vocals, Mike Stodolf, Dick Bradley Assoc. Producer and bass guitar, Eddie Bayers Drums, Michael Young Drums, Mark OConnor Fiddle, Mandolin and Mandola, Sonny Garrish Steel Guitar and Dobro, Bella Fleck Banjo, Terry Lee McMillan Harmonica, Tambourine, MX Sampler, Reggie Young Electric Guitar, Brent Rowan Axoustic & Electric Guitar, Willie Raisford Piano, Michael Spriggs Acoustic Guitar. Back Ground Vocals: John Terry Frost, Marie Chabot, Billy Dean, Donna Frost, Angela Relder, Stella Parton*. (*courtesy of Airbourne Records). Warner Brothers wasn’t too happy with Bobby for booking Mark O’Connor on “Crook & Chase” to represent “The Voice of America” Album. The Warner’s Brother’s rep was in the green room and the tv feed she saw had Mark O’Connor’s Album Displayed. While ‘Live on Air’, Mark O’Connor held and talked about The Voice of America Album! Bobby was Introduced to legendary Producer Scotty Turner in the later part 1989, who began shaping Bobby’s vocals and image. “Robert Pizazz” appeared as a guest performer on TNN”s “American Magazine” at the request of producers Don Dishal and Allen Reed. Within in days after the last airing in May 1991 the music game changed, forever. Bobby had his whole tour project in the bag, including the funding and was even slated to appear on Johnny Carson 4 days after the program aired. Tragically, Bobby’s career came to an abrupt stop when a backstage mishap left him with a broken neck. He returned to his home town to heal, where he drove his body to recover his playing and singing abilities. The goal return to Nashville! In 2006, 15 years later, he began performing live shows again travelling all over mid-Michigan and Northern Ohio. His spontaneous segments of ad-lib, emotional delivery, and distinctive vocal style wins over even the most discerning of audiences. Bobby captivated the audience weekly at the Davison Hotel where “Bobby Pizazz & The RhythmTrain” made it’s debut. Marc Dixon on Drums, DeWayne Morris on Bass, Dave Dube on Guitar, Sherman Mitchell Sax, Trombone and Flute, Joe Dudley on Sax, Randy Huston on Sax, Michael Shelata Keys, Annie Pizazz on Flute and Background Vocals. Then out at the White Horse Tavern The RhythmTrain band members , Marc Dixon and DeWayne Morris were replaced by John Dunn on Drums and Jay Funk on Bass. In November 2007 Bobby Pizazz made a quiet entrance in Nashville taking on a networking administrator job. He began making the rounds, reacquainting himself with a ‘Built Up’ Nashville and a new music scene where he learned, that he had to “pay his dues” AGAIN and learn how to do “The Art of the Hang”. Bobby’s performances began making music waves and soon, old friends and acquaintances began to get in touch with him again. Bobby is currently working with Producer T Jae Christian and Universal Sound Record’s single release January 2013, “Roll the Windows Down Baby” charted Number 1 on CMG International Radio Country Charts in October 2013. “Roll the Windows Down Baby” written by Rou August, T Jae Christian and Bobby Pizazz” … Bobby partnered with Universal Sound Records just to get that “NASHVILLE SOUND” on his recordings. November 14, 2013 RhythmTrain Charted Number 1, two weeks in a row on CMG International Radio R&B/Jazz Charts. Other Charting Songs: July 2013 Real Country Japan Playlist Top 100 #57 “Roll The Windows Down Babe”. April 2013 IBA Pop (Top 20) #9 “Hit & Run” and #17 “Finally This Time”. November 2013 IBA R&B/Jazz (Top 20) #9 “Because Of You” #16 “Love Will Always Be”. November 2013 IBA Euro Pop (Top 20) #14 “Hit & Run” #17 “Finally This Time”. This talented songman”s own repertoire of original compositions easily exceeds 1500 songs, comprised of a wide and varied range of styles – Jazzy, Bluesy, Rocky, Country Swing crossover .. and a style that can only be described as uniquely his own.

Give Me A Break Radio Hour with Bobby Pizazz
GIVE ME A BREAK Radio Hour with your host Bobby Pizazz. Bobby has some great Ideas and this ought to be a show that is Off the Hook, with Real, take your gloves off Talent, .... What it IS: We will feature Songwriters and Artists who share their in and outs of the Business of Music and the Art of Songwriting. Discuss New Music Business Models in use today. A place were Artists and Songwriters can safely have an opportunity to share their Music, Insights and Life Stories.. What it is NOT!!!! A place for negativity, slamming comments, or any other form of derogatory remarks... Current events and topics can and will be discussed. bluntly, truthfully ... GIVE ME A BREAK Radio Hour, Where To Find US: Give Me A Break Radio Hour Website GIVE ME A BREAK Radio Hour" Every Friday 10am to 11am CST Broadcasting at "RADIO FREE NASHVILLE" New Artist Radio "Hi Folks I'm Bobby Pizazz and I am a Singer/SongWriter Performing Artist and Host and Producer of GIVE ME A BREAK Radio/TV Show, and I'm very honored to share the stage with some of the Greatest Singer/Songwriters on the Planet and the best Up-and-Coming Artists." Bobby Pizazz All materials presented on the GMAB radio program are royalty free as agreed to by the owners thereof, and the programming is presented for educational and informational purposes as no artist, writer of publisher are paid for their appearance HyperSmash
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