It all started with a project to collect good House music. It quickly became a bit of a hobby, albeit a time and resource consuming one. After 10 years of making CDs for friends and family for road trips and small parties, I've decided to infuse all my experience in creating easy listening content to publish small sets that you can just pop in and enjoy, not knowing what the next track will be and of course not knowing what the next episode will be. After 7 episodes (2011-2015) focused around House vibes the sound of electronic music started to change and I learned to adapt to its new structure with a brand new approach with infused big beats and drummy synths with Episode 8 to Episode 14 (2015 10 year celebration and the Interstellar collections) For the months of November December 2015 into January February March of 2016 I want to take it back to the roots of SESION9 which is House Music in its pure state. (Episode 15-Episode 22) and created a special set where I compressed all the bigger sounds and beats separately (VOL20) and created a set that is all about my idea of tropical bass (VOL16) Well enough said I'll let the music do the talking in the trusty hands of Jean-Marc. I'm glad to share with you my idea of what easy listening music should be in form of sound and dance journey. Its gonna be a bumpy ride ;)
SESION9 VOL16 52:34 11/02/15
SESION9 VOL20 NO MORE BEATS 38:40 11/02/15
SESION9 PODCAST VOL3 52:26 09/12/12
Mix for Summer Love 2:22:00 06/07/12


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