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How Do I Get My Podcast on Google Play?
Before we dive into getting your podcast onto the Google Play store, pull up your RSS feed into your browser and ensure it contains the following elements:

1. Your podcast’s title. In code, this is written as <title>

2. Authorship. You’ll see this written as <itunes:author> or <googleplay:author>.

3. Description or summary tags, such as <description> <googleplay:description> or <itunes:summary>

4. A public iTunes or Gmail address in your feed. This will be displayed as <itunes:email> or <googleplay:email>.

If you are using Podomatic to generate your feed, and have entered in a public email address for iTunes under your Podcast Settings page (under the iTunes tab/iTunes settings and information option), then all four of these steps are already taken care of for you.

Once you confirm these elements, you’re ready to submit your feed onto the Google Play store:

From the podcast page of the Google Play Music store, click on "Get Started"

Once on the next page, click on "Submit Feed".

You’ll be directed to an RSS submittal page. Paste in your RSS feed URL, and click 'Submit RSS Feed".

Follow the email verification process, and accept the terms of service.

Your podcast will then be sent to Google for review. After approval, it will be available in the Google Play Music store!

Here is a tutorial video as well:

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