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How to start a podcast
How to start a podcast

So you've decided to start your very own podcast. That's great news! Podcasting is a great way to get your name or brand out there and every single podcast, no matter how popular, started right exactly where you are now. With just an idea. A lot of people struggle with exactly how to turn that idea into a quality podcast. Let's go step by step on how to move from an idea to a podcast.

  1. Create an account on PodOmatic. It's free!

  2. Sign Up Here

  3. Figure out what software you'll need for your audio or video podcast.

  4. Everyone's needs will be different depending on what kind of show you're putting together. Here are a few options that should be fine for most podcasters:

    GarageBand is a free piece of software for Mac users that can pretty much handle all audio podcast needs.

    Audacity Is a free piece of software on all platforms that is very simple and easy to use. It has a few limitations but for someone just getting started is a great piece of software.

    There are many more audio and video editing software options but we'll stick with these for now. If you feel like you need something a little more advanced, try looking into ProTools, Adobe Audition or free options like WildVoice.

  5. Get the right equipment.

  6. We have a great page set up that details some cheap and popular equipment to get your podcast going. Check it out here.

  7. Record a show!

  8. Now that you have your software and your PodOmatic account, you're ready to make your first episode.

    Make sure you record in a quiet place and before you start, it's a really good idea to have a detailed rundown of what your episode will contain. This is often called show-notes and usually includes your intro, segments broken down by order, any special announcements and closing statements. The more prepared you are, the better you will sound on the air.

  9. Publish your episode.

  10. Publishing a show on PodOmatic is very simple. We have a great publishing system that walks you through all of the steps, from adding a title to uplaoding an image and setting up chapters. Everything you need to add to an episode is broken down, step by step.

    Now that you have created an episode your podcast is a reality. Make sure to check out or help pages for much more information and good luck!

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