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Techno Prisoner since 1994...

Born and bread in Brooklyn in 1978 and as a son of a hippie, Demian was raised in a very musically diverse household, with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton blaring from the speakers intertwined with Pavorotti, Liberace and Andrea Boccelli because of his grandmother, it was only fitting that he became so attracted to music. It was at the age of 13 when Demian fell in love with the art of DJing. He began fiddling with whatever equipment he could get his hands on wherever he was and then at age 14 partnered up with a few of his friends and began playing hip-hop and early house beats to crowds of their peers and then slowly became the go to guys for music when in came to graduation parties and house parties around town. It was in 1994 at age 16 where Demian truly found what he considers to be the greatest music of all time and that was simply electronic music. His first experience to it was at a teen club in Bay Ridge called "The Station"(Ernie Barrys for the older folk). It was there where he heard the likes of Glen Friscia and ThatKidChris as well as Gonzo who went on to pretty much take over the limelight in its hey-day. Once he found this culture he and his friends wanted more so it was than that one of his closest friends brother said there is going to be this "rave" this weekend why don't you guys come along. It was this party that changed his life forever, November 1994 in an enclosed tennis facility there was a Gabber techno party called ASPHIXIA being hosted there with Rob Gee, Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, Nigel Richards, Scott Forebush, Gonzo, Sensei Ayoki, Stroboscopic and the list goes on. Ever since then Demian has spent countless days, months years honing his skills. Later in the 90s he and his crews Dysfunctional Underground, NineEleven and Unforgiven Salvation threw numerous outlaw parties in warehouses, abandoned baseball diamonds, and even in their neighborhood park under the guise of city lights and lots of loud traffic. They went on to host several larger scale legal events like Acid Reighn, Esoteric, Alpha Rythym, 1st, 2nd & 3rd sign. Demian also had the honor of playing some of the most historical clubs in NYC at the time: Limelight, Tunnel Speeed(after-hours) etc etc.

It wasn't until about 1999-2000 where Demian and his friends decided some didn't want to keep going or some wanted to go a different route but Demian kept on striving. He knew he was focused on DJing and producing original tracks in the future. So he decided to go his own way and in the years following has played events both small and large up and down the east coast as well as halfway across the country. As time went by Demian thought it was time to take a break for awhile, a 3yr. break! So upon his return in about 2008 Demian said to himself its time to come back. While not fully keeping himself blind to the culture and the music he returned to find that the actual culture had changed pretty significantly and he was unsure if it was true change in the culture or himself. He decided that it was he himself who had matured into a broader, more well versed in the essence of the culture and the music and has since prided himself in seeking that perfect track or simply just that groove that made him fall in love so many years prior. With influences from Adam X, Marco Carola, Gayle San, John Selway, Carlo Lio, Paco Osuna, A.Paul, Axel Karakasis, Frankie Bones, Heather Heart, Chus & Ceballos, Monika Kruse, Speedy J, Richie Hawtin, Frankie Knuckles, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing, Cari Lekebusch, The Advent, Carl Cox and this is a simple list because god knows there are so many more direct influences that have effected Demian so greatly. Demian has immersed himself into producing his own tracks as he foresaw the not so many years beforehand. With several projects completed and countless in progress, Demian is sure to continue making a name for himself. His style as he puts it is Techno!


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