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The name is Marlon D. Morales a.k.a. DJ DEEMODE. Born in Maracaibo,Venezuela raised in Panorama City,California 818 Where it all started for me. Growing up in LA wasn't easy. I always ended up getting my ass in some kind of trouble. I later found the one thing that kept me out of it was music. I thrived off it and boy did I like to blast my radio and was always fascinated by the art of mixing. Growing up in the late 80's early 90's, I listened to all kinds of music from hip hop, rap, old school funk, to techno and rave, to rock and alternative. I've been influenced by so many artists. But it was New Years Eve 1991 when I first got a taste of what kind of music I was meant to enjoy the most. Music from the hands of Richard Humpty Vission was being broadcast from a party somewhere in LA. I remember going ballistic over this "hard core techno" I was hearing. The track was BIZARRE INC. "PLAYING WITH KNIVES".....Still one of my all time favorites. After that I was hooked. I jumped in the party circuit... house parties, Hollywood clubs, undergrounds, even barbeques on Sundays. Hot girls, great music, awesome DJ's, raving all night, and I was just getting started. I didn't pick up my decks until the mid 90's. Hard house was big in LA and Chicago and deep house was getting it's way around through the likes of RHV, DJ Trajic, Angel Alanis, Bad Boy Bill and DJ Rockin Duke just to name a few. I was now living in Miami , FL. It was hard to stay true to my house music but I managed. I remember buying a CD that COMPLETELY blew my mind. It was the energy, and the fast pace of all those tracks from HOUSE BLEND vol. 1 by non other than DANCEWORKS a.k.a. Kevin Halstead and the voice of house music, my boy, Alex Peace. UC MUSIC or Strictly Hype recordings founded by the GODFATHER of house music. (Nope its NOT Jack)! I'm talking about the one and only DJ ATTACK a.k.a. Andy Adams. Even though he's in a better place, those of us who were inspired by ATTACK still bang those classic UC hits that will never die. Now I'm living in Orlando ... where everyone loves those break beats! But not everyone, because I'm still bangin' my house music...... particularly my specialty...FILTERED FUNKY HOUSE!!!! and everything inbetween....... i am currently a weekly resident radio dj along with various guest appeareances in orlando,fl bringin you my unique sound every week on fr 5-10 pm ,so stop by and turn it up or email me to find out wich spots ill be a guest at.......

Central Florida @ the moment...
Panorama City ,California 818
Political Views
Religious Views
Christian liberal

Travelling ,Djing ,Partying,Lounging,Relaxin,Spending time with friends and family & making music
Favorite Books
The book of HArdknocks
Schools / Education
James monroe HIgh school
Favorite Movies
Casino,Goodfellas ,A bronx Tale,Heat ,The Town,The goods
Favorite Music
Too many too mention heres a few....
Favorite Quotations
It is what it is ,
Places I've Traveled
Venezuela Mexico

DjDeemode's Podcast
a journey into a mix of all my favorite tracks and accapellas right now with different genres & great music..a little something for everyone's listening Pleasure..
DjDeeMode's March House/Techno/funky Mix 1:16:48 03/20/15
DjDeeMode's 2Pac vs Notorious Big Mix 1:19:58 02/10/15
Dj Deemode's Radio Top 40 /Trap/Twerk/Hitz 1:17:04 11/29/14
DjDeeMode's 80's Mix Vol#3 #TBT #ThrowbackThursdayMix #Dj... 1:19:29 09/04/14
DjDeeMode's Labor Day Mix.. House/Funky/Banging /Pumpin H... 1:19:25 09/01/14


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